The Finalists - A Graphic Look Back at Trinidad & Tobago's Calypso and Soca Monarch Finals
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The data and events recorded in this book in such astute and chronological detail paint a vivid picture of the evolution of calypso and soca. Every library, calypso historian and lover of these art forms should avail themselves of a copy of this important work.
   - Steve Gellineau, National Calypso Monarch Adjudicator

A myriad of books and documents have been written about soca and calypso. Most of them have focussed on the history and development of these two indigenous art forms. The stories have been told, but the statistics and bare facts are somewhat difficult to access with ease and veracity. This book offers each and everyone the facility to readily unearth information on soca and calypso.
   - Roland Gordon, Musicologist and Chief Soca Adjudicator.

This is a valuable document for the calypso enthusiast and students of calypso seeking this illusive information.
   - Andrew Marcano (Lord Superior).

This book constitutes a unique effort to present within the pages of one publication the results of some of the major calypso competitions. This is the kind of work prized by researchers, aficionados, talk show quiz organisers and those members of the general public who entertain memories of the competitions. Anyone who has encountered difficulty in ascertaining results of competitions will delight in this publication. No-one seriously interested in the Calypso can afford to overlook this comprehensive survey.
   - Louis Regis, Ph.D., author of Maestro: The True Master, Black Stalin: The Caribbean Man,
      and The Political Calypso: True Opposition In Trinidad And Tobago1962 - 1987